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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Curvy Women Are Fashionable Too

In the past it was impossible for curvy women to find trendy clothes to wear. The only option curvy women had was to purchase boring mature clothes that did not enhanced their fabulous figure. Finally, the fashion community has realized, curvy women love to look fashionable too! Today there are a large amount of online stores that cater to curvy woman.

1. Eloquii high·waisted plaid full midi skirt with leather trim size 24 (more here)
2. Eloquii high·waisted faux leather pants size 14-22 (more here)
3. Eloquii floral printed pants size 14-24 (more here)
4. Eloquii Faux leather A-Line skirt size 14-24 (more here)

1. Violeta by Mango stripe print blouse size 8-20 (more here)
2. Violeta by Mango suede pumps (more here)
3. Violeta by Mango soft denim royal slim-fit jeans size 8-20 (more here)
4. Mango black or white lightweight shirt (more here)
5. Mango black leather oxford shoes (more here)
6. Mango high waist soft denim broadway jeans (more here)
7. Violeta by Mango two-toned link collar necklace (more here)
8. Violeta by Mango two-toned link bracelet (more here)

1. Forever 21 high-waisted distressed jeans size 14-22 (more here)
2. Forever 21 high-waisted distressed jeans (more here)

1. ASOS floral mesh pencil dress size 14-20 (more here

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Best Halloween '14 Costumes

Since Halloween is only a week away I decided to browse around for costumes and I came across so many different costumes to cater to different types of buyer or renter.  If you are a creative person American Apparel is the perfect place for you to create your unique look! At I found these gorgeous lacy bunny ears for anyone who doesn't want to dress up too much!  You can purchase pretty much find any type of costumes in stores like, and Also, Halloween Costumes gives you the option to rent your costumes.

Hop to it lace bunny ears headband with Nasty Gal (more here)

You can create your own Halloween costumes with American Apparel

Want more variety?


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Get The Look

Have you came across an outfit and wonder where you can purchase the entire look? I have and it has driven me crazy trying to locate the items! This is why I decided to select a few outfits and help everyone "Get the entire look!" 

There is something sophisticated about wearing a sleeveless vest jacket. It helps hides imperfections especially around the tummy and back area while making you look stupendous!

So which one is your favorite look?


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Join The Fight: Check Yourself

October is breast cancer awareness month. I am all about supporting this cause because there are too many people, especially women battling this disease! Early detection is extremely important because 1out of 8 women and 1 out of 1,000 men have a lifetime risk being diagnosed with breast cancer in the USA (more info here).

In order to prevent and detect breast cancer it is important to:

  • stay at a healthy weight by being physically active,
  • limit your alcohol intake,
  • do a monthly self-exam,
  • go to regular screening

Here are the steps to perform a breast self-exam for women:

Here are the steps to perform a breast self-exam for men:

All of the proceeds from the Avon products below will go to support the fight against breast cancer. The proceeds will raise awareness for critical research and access to care programs. 

 Paula Abdul’s video “Check Yourself” aims to cut through the confusion related to screening strategies to take control of your own breast health. 

Or simply wear pink to support cause...

For those who want to join the fight against breast cancer but prefer to make a donation directly to the American Cancer Society clickMaking Strides Against Breast Cancer. Remember together we can find a cure!