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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Do You Have The Right Wedding Dress?

From traditional to modern wedding dresses, has the right dress for you! caters to all type of brides looking for their perfect well-designed style, size and color dress at cheap/affordable prices, up to 85% off.

Tidebuy's soft white and pastels colored dresses are perfect for spring and summer months. Their rich dark colored wedding gowns are perfect for fall and winter months.

Tidebuy's discounted ball gown collection come in variety of style, sizes and colors (view more).
1. Stunning high neck with embroidery floral detail, full-length wedding dress
2. Luxurious strapless with floral detail ruffle two-toned wedding dress
3. Alluring strapless with pleats, appliqués and beaded detail, full-length wedding dress
4. Stylish A-line sweetheart with floral chapel pleats and appliqués detail, full-length wedding dress
5. Sophisticated A-line strapless floral chapel detail, full-length wedding dress

Tidebuy's discounted short-length gown collection come in variety of style, sizes and colors (view more).
1. Simple strapless with sash and floral detail, short-length wedding dress
2. Chic strapless feathered detail, short-length wedding dress
3. Sweetheart with flower detail, short-length wedding dress 
4. Fierce sheath beaded with sash detail, short-length wedding dress
5. Trendy one-shoulder ruffled detail, belted short-length wedding dress

Tidebuy's discounted belted gown collection come in variety of style, sizes and colors (view more).

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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Many Benefits For Designers With The SYNERGY Events

If you are a designer looking to grow your business The SYNERGY Events is perfect for you! The SYNERGY Events is a dynamic organization that internationally brands new and existing companies by using modern technology and marketing strategies. They promote and brand through events such as, The Emerging Trends during New York, Boston and London fashion weeks and New Years Eve Gala in Boston. They also promote and brand through social media, rich media and applications to deliver 360 degrees of marketing tailored to each client's needs. These global events will feature creative talent from around the world and will allow designers to network with many other industry professionals. In addition, for designers who take part in these events, distribution potential is immediately elevated via their e-commerce platform at Shop Emerging Trends.

 The SYNERGY Events next project is to produce The Emerging Trend fashion international show during Boston Fashion Week on October 11, 2014 held at Cyclorama Art Center in Boston MA.  For those who want more information, please contact The SYNERGY Events via website or simply email the Event Director Gabriella  Oros.

Recently, on September 4, The SYNERGY Events produced The Emerging Trend 2014 "international" runway show during New York Fashion Week S/S 2015 in NYC hosted by Miss USA 2014 to embrace creativity and individualism. I have listed most of the designers that were feature at this amazing event!

Gate 26 Modern Vintage,  Fashion Designer, USA, England, France: Her designs provide a full collection of complete and timeless looks. 

Shefali Couture, Fashion Designer, Dubai: Her designs provide a line of ethnically inspired fashion forward classics. 

Cocco Bella, Fashion Designer, Canada: Her designs provide a bohemian chick style which reflects femininity and comfort, creating a sophisticated and exclusive look.

Vessela Zarankova, Fashion Designer, USA: Her designs provide high quality materials and unique glamorous styling. Inspired by art, travel, architecture, film and new technologies.

Sabrinah Renee, Jewelry Designer, USA: Her designs inspiration comes from the deep connection to Earth's colors, textures and transformations of the planet. 

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Accessorize It With TideBuy

Fashion is art, it basically express our personality and sometimes the way we feel. I always believed mixing up different accessories to what you are wearing creates your "personal style!" 

I have a blast browsing through because of their trendy affordable fashion products! Even though I love all the products I selected, my favorite piece from here is #5 (view more).


Finally, I leave the best for last because I am a sucker for shoes and bags! My favorite from here is #14 (view more).

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Fabulous Furs From ML Furs

Today I decided to stop by ML Furs located in Denver Colorado, to do some window shopping for future winter purchases. ML Furs is a fur store that sell a huge selection of exquisite furs. Because I live in the East Coast, my only option was to browse through their online store. I don't mind shopping online because I feel like I get to take my time to view all the products that I like without any distractions. The first thing I noticed when I arrived to their storefront were all the glamours pictures of their massive collection of fabulous fur vests, jackets, coats, capes and accessories by different accomplished designers. The stunning fur collection ML Furs have available in stock come in different colors, styles and lengths. ML Furs doesn't cater only to "well·off" women, who love wearing fur. They also cater to women who love wearing fur and are on a budget! 

With the weather changing so quickly, I immediately noticed their fabulous fur vests collection. ML Furs has 43 fur vests listed under the "fur tab" section on their website. The fur vest that I love the most in their collection are the edgier styles and rich colors. These fur pieces are definitely a bonus because I can see myself styling them with my everyday wardrobe.

The next place I decided to browse through was ML Furs trendy fur jackets collection. Even though I love all the jackets from this list, my favorite is #2,  the edgy "biker style" Anamoda fur jacket with the leather trim around it. 

   6. Mary McFadden red fox fur bolero

The sophisticated mid·sized length fur coats was the next place I decided to browse through in the MLFurs website. These coats are classic and elegant. My favorite from this list is #5, the red Zuki mink coat because it's fierce! 

My top favorite place I browsed through on the ML Furs website was the Boleros and Bespoke collections. I absolutely love every single piece on this list because each piece is funky, fun and the colors are so radiant. 

My last stop on the ML Furs website was the accessories collection section. I was very impressed with the amount of awesome fashionable hats, scarves, gloves and handbags. My favorite fur pieces were the stylish hats, scarves, gloves and handbags because it fits perfectly with my personality and offbeat-sophisticated style!


Finally, what is a bonus about ordering on ML Furs website is that they have live chat available if you need immediate assistance. They provide "Layaway plans and "Bill Me Later" for their customers who want to spend a little more but do not have the money to spend right away. The Layaway plan basically allows customers to slowly make payments to stores for product(s) they purchased "interest free"within a time frame (12 months with ML Furs). Bill Me Later is a PayPal service that allows you to purchase an item now and you pay later. With this option you receive the merchandise right away (please log into their website for more precise details about these two services).  ML Furs provide other services such as fur trade-ins, repairs, alterations, fur cleaning and more. (Please log into their website for more details).  Best of all they provide UPS ground free shipping

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

In Heaven With Devine Pearls from Laguna Pearl

I want to to tell you about this divine jewelry company called Laguna Pearl located in Beverly Hills CA. I am proudly to do a product review on Laguna Pearl because they carry some of the finest exquisite graded pearls in the world! The collection Laguna Pearl carries are the Akoya, Fresh Water, White South Sea and the Gold South Sea pearls. These superb pearls come in stunning well·crafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in a variety of lengths, extraordinary style, and brilliant colors (white, black, pink, golden and multi·colors).

The first type of pearls I want to introduce you to is the Akoya pearls which are extremely popular because of their high quality, luster, clean surface and amazing value. These elegant pearls come in classic white and black and depending on the lightening and angle, you will see shades of rose, champaign, hues of green and blue. There is a higher end Akoya Pearl called the Hanadama. The top left pearl necklace below is a Hanadama Akoya. 


The Freshwater pearls that Laguna Pearl carry, are highly desired because of their amazing prices and gorgeous luster. These fabulous pearls have radiant colors in white and pink with stunning overtones.  

The Tahitian South Sea Pearls Laguna Pearl carry are the highest quality of exotic pearls. These enchanting pearls come in rare colors (which include shades of blue, green and peacock), mirror like luster and different shapes. 

The White South Sea Pearls Laguna Pearl carry are one of the rarest and most valuable pearls in the world! These dainty pearls come in creamy white with a variation of silver. They look smooth, shimmery and can come in really large sizes. 

The Golden South Sea Pearls Laguna Pearl carry, are their highest end collection. These elegant pearls are flawless and lavish in color

Laguna  Pearl also has fashionable masculine pearl necklaces, bracelets and cuffs for men.

I also wanted to show you the variety of gold, white·gold and silver clasp Laguna Pearl offers to their customers to personalize their pearls. The Finesse Clasp is the basic one but you have the option to upgrade to fit your style.

So now that I explained about the variety of pearls Laguna Pearl carry, I can now tell about my experience with the company and the pearls. I received my package within 4 days of the order through UPS. It arrived in a card board box and UPS padded envelope. I removed a thick white box from the card board box. I was immediately amazed with the box because it has this adorable folded opening on the side of it. When I opened it, I saw a silver box with the company (Laguna Pearl) written in purple. Once I lifted the silver box I felt the softness on the back, turned it over and saw it is designed with velvet detail which impressed me even more! I then saw this lovely envelope which had Laguna Pearl printed on the front, on the back it stated, "Certified Of Authenticity" When I opened it up it stated:  "This document certified that all Akoya cultured pearls used to create this product are guaranteed to be 100% authentic Akoya pearls directly from the pearl farms of Japan. Laguna Pearl certifies that the product received represents the finest in pearl selection, hand picked for its luster, quality color and cleanliness, signed David Schraig." Finally when I opened up the silver box I immediately fell "in love" with my Akoya Pearl necklace. It basically took my breath away because of its luster, beauty and classic style. My Akoya necklace has the white·gold Finesse clasp design with perfect details on it.

For information more information on grading, custom order or any other questions please visit their website. 
Laguna Pearl
269 S. Beverly Drive, Suite #1300
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Friday, September 19, 2014

Fabulous Fall Fashion With TideBuy

This time of year when summer is quickly ended and the cold months start creeping in, I immediately start thinking about what type of fashionable clothes I need to add to my winter collection to look fabulous and warm! I have a few places where I love to shop and one of those coolest place is The reason why I love shopping at is because they have a variety of awesome outerwear, clothes, accessories and shoes, at discounted prices for women, juniors and plus-size. I am going to share with you the products I am interested in.

This gorgeous slim zipper, PU Korean leather jacket is perfect for the fall and winter months. Also available in black and navy.

This fierce black Rivet spiked edgy, zipper PU leather jacket is perfect for a date or simple dance the night away.

This fashionable oversized collar athletic wear, is perfect for a brisk walk! This set is priced cheaply and available in orange and lake blue.

This gorgeous sophisticated ruffled, button-down long sleeve blouse is perfect for the office! Also available in black and purple.

This beautiful comfty chiffon oversized floral pint t-shirt is perfect for meeting up with your girls. Also available in black.

This fabulous European style women's slouchy harem pants is perfect for the holidays or any occasion!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Forceful Finale of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week S/S'15

The final week of New York Fashion Week S/S'15 ended forcefully, on September 11, 2014. There were beautiful retro pieces incorporated into the impressive collections. Some of the pieces had enormous amount of bold floral, lace embroidery and checkered prints, with gentle shades of pinks, mints, yellows and reds on the fabrics. Also, there were several designers who mixed some pencil/mullet/full-midi/mini dresses and skirts, into their Spring/Summer '15 collections. 

Finally, with the countless amount of talented designers this year, once again it was difficult to select only one designer each day. 

Day six: September 9, 2014, my favorite line was Oscar De La Renta

Day seventh: September 10, 2014, my favorite line was Michael Kors

Day eighth: September 11, 2014, my favorite line was J. Mendel

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Glitz Of September 11 New York Fashion Week S/S'15

The lights, the glitz, the music, the talented designers and the fashionable people I connected with at The New York Fashion Week S/S'15 Benefit were all extraordinary!

How excited and honored I felt to attend The New York Fashion Week S/S'15 Benefit as a VIP Fashion Blogger/Press presented by +The Set NYC . The Set NYC supports and bring together talented artists to collaborate with each other. Also The Set NYC joined forces with Freedom Ladder, who is a global non-profit organization dedicated to making the world safe by protecting and education children against human trafficking. For those who are interested in supporting this remarkable cause, please log on to

With that said, this amazing fashion event first started with a display of jaw-dropping colorful Fashion and Accessories Presentations which also included art illustration to support the Freedom Ladder.

                                                                                         I Jay ApparelGrace Gonzalez New York,  Rosy Bleu

 Shortly after, the designers gathered their stunning models to proudly displayed their amazing Ready To Wear (RTW) collections.

The show opened up with Fashion Designer, Christina Yi. Yi presented a white/ivory/gray dramatic edgy-rockish "Bone Collector" collection for men and women.

Fashion Designer, Isabel Varela presented a fierce basic classic collection for women.

Designs by Clavon's Wear New York, presented an 80's flair padded shoulder, innovative, vibrant men and women suits collection. 

Designs by Snowman New York presented a rich modish outerwear collection for women.

Fashion Designer, Lucina Lu presented a fascinating, elegant evening wear collection for women.

Jewelry Designer, Tavia Sanza presented a spectacular, radiant, contemporary body jewelry collection for women.

Don't forget to watch the fabulous fashion runway collection finale videos...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Many Reason to Wear Black

There are so many reason women love wearing black. For starters, it is extremely stylish in the business and fashion industry. Also, it makes a woman look slimmer, edgier and captivating. Lastlywearing black makes a woman feel powerful, confident and sexy. 

Outfits by: Kenneth Cole

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week S/S'15: First Week Recap

The first week of New York Fashion week S/S'15 started out with a bang on September 4, 2014. I notice a lot of netting, suede, sheer with a touch of 60's-70's style designed in some of the clothing lines. With tons of stunning lines the fashion designers displayed this year, it was extremely difficult to select one fashion designer for each day. I simply decided to select the "one line" that caught my eye the most.

Day one: September 4, 2014, my favorite line was BCBG Max Azria.

Day two: September 5, 2014, my favorite line was from Jason Wu.

Day three: September 6, 2014 my favorite line was from Lacoste.

Day four: September 7, 2014 my favorite line was from Derek Lam.

Day five: September 8, 2014 my favorite runway was from Carolina Herrera.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chunky Chain Necklace Review

I recently received the beautiful CCB red chunky chain statement necklace from Jewelry Coco which is an affordable online wholesale fashion supplier-store that sell fashionable jewelry and accessories to women and men worldwide.

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the package was how beautiful the color is and how much I love the chunky chain style. I also love the way they added red chain links with the gold metal, which adjust on the back to fit you perfectly. However, I don't like the quality of the necklace. It feels more like a child's necklace than an adult custom jewelry necklace. The red chain is plastic and the gold part has the cheapest metal that I've seen on a custom jewelry piece. If you look closely at the last picture of the collage, which are pictures I retrieved from their website. There isn't any spacing on the chain links however the one that I received from Jewelry Coco has spacing on the chain links, (you will notice it more on the red chain links). Basically what I am trying to say is that the necklace on their website looks that it was made a lot better than the one I received.

With that said, the necklace is a good buy for the price Jewelry Coco is asking for and it looks really pretty with the dress. What do you think?